Saturday, July 9, 2011

Out in the Wilderness

Apologies for the lapse in postings, but we are out in the woods and mountains of Idaho and Montana.  Unfortunately, winter just ended here and spring runoff is near peak.  The high trails are still under a great deal of snow, while many of the creeks and streams are uncrossable, unless you have a death wish.   We have managed to slog our way up a few trails, however, and here are a few photos.  We will follow up with more pics and tales later.

One of the easier creek crossings.

Can you believe this is July 7th??  Heart Lake in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. 
The view from snow-covered Vermillion Peak in the southern Cabinet Mountains, Montana.

A creek crossing in Idaho's Selkirk Mountains we did not make.  This particular creek is usually an easy hop.  What is missing here is the tremendous amount of noise that much water rushing down a mountain makes.
Snow-covered trail in the Selkirks.

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