Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Monday in Seoul

It is an odd thing to roll out of bed early on a Monday morning and stumble into my chair in front of the TV to watch the Super Bowl. I suppose we had better get used to it though, as the next two ones will be as today was. As today was a training holiday, T was able to stay home and we watched it together as usual.

What was unusual was the menu. Instead of chips and dip, it was breakfast fare - eggs, ham, grits and salsa. With a strong cup of tea instead of beer and wine.

Last night it was our turn to host the Downton Abbey party. A group of us Downton fanatics move from home to home each weekend to watch season three. Last night's episode was a particularly sad one that I had seen last weekend when I was home (we are a week behind the US in Korea). It was just as sad the second time around (my favorite character, agh!).

After everyone left it started to snow. And snow. This morning was lovely as early morning fresh snowfall always is. The dogs were in heaven, as Siberian Huskies always are in fresh snow.

They had a blast in the dog park.

I am sure somewhere someone has written about the poetry of snow on razor wire. Even though I am surrounded by it, I struggle to see the beauty in it.

As I am also struggling to get over this cold that T passed on to me, I spent most of this snowy day in my chair, first watching the Super Bowl, then listening to the 21st century philosopher Ray Lewis expound on victory, leadership and the meaning of life (please), and finally doing battle with the queen stitch (I won). My current stitching project, done as a part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year stitch-a-long, is a reproduction of a sampler stitched by a young girl named Lucretia Maus in the year 1832. Thus far, apart from frustrations with inconsistencies in the graph, it has been an absolute joy of a project and I am fast becoming addicted to the queen stitch.

Give me more!

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  1. Lucretia is looking amazing Heather. I am a huge Downton fan. I could not believe how sad that episode was when it aired in the UK. I felt sad for days.

    So nice to see the photos of your huskies enjoying the snow.