Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thailand: Temples of Chang Mai

Call this the lazy blog because there isn't much writing, mostly just photos.  We took a brief, but nice trip to Thailand over the long Memorial Day weekend, spending a couple days in Bangkok with friends, then heading up to Chang Mai for the remainder of our time.  It was not our first time to either place, and we had no specific places to go this time around, so it was more for relaxation than anything else.  Lots of eating good food, getting cheap massages, and walking city streets while checking out the many temples, food stalls, and shops.  Bangkok is one crowded city, but the people there are friendly, the food is great, and everything is so cheap.  It was hot too, and I certainly was not prepared for the heat or the humidity, so my walks were often short and generally ended up in some air conditioned place.  I took few photos.  Chang Mai is a favorite of ours, and I wish we had been able to spend more time exploring both the city and the surrounding area.  The pace is much slower than Bangkok, things are even cheaper, and the city is full of temples.  There are ex-pats galore too, but most of my photos were of the many temples spread throughout the old walled portion of the city.

Bangkok is not a third world city anymore.

Ahhh, the fresh fruit, particularly the mangoes!
The big decision of each day in Chang Mai (or Bangkok) was where to eat.

You can count on the food being fresh and cheap.

Chang Mai's famous Night Market.  We were there in the off-season, so it was a little disappointing as many of the shops were closed and those that were open did not really appeal to us.

Need a Buddha?
The streets were hopping.
 Being something of a history buff, I typically like to read and write about the history of the things I see and photograph on these trips.  This time, however, I did not delve into the history of these temples.  I simply admired their appearance and architecture.  Lots of Buddhas and dragons.


We can always sniff out a bookstore.

H went from there on to Hong Kong and will fill you in later, while I had to come back to Korea for work. 

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