Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lakes of the Cabinets and Selkirks

In an earlier post, we made the case that the lakes of the Cabinet and Selkirk mountains were special.  Not only are they beautiful and pristine, they are also all reachable in day hikes.  Although some of those days may be quite long and difficult, we think these lakes make fantastic destinations and are worth spending the time to reach.  This blog entry, covering a goodly sampling of those lakes, has minimal commentary because in our view the photos tell the story.  

Geiger Lakes, Cabinets
Upper Geiger.  The "U" shape in the center of the photo is Lost Buck Pass.
 Upper Geiger from Lost Buck Pass

Lower Geiger

Harrison Lake, Selkirks
Harrison is easily one of the most popular lake destinations in the Selkirks.  The drive to the trailhead is long and rough, but the trail to the lake itself is just a little over 3 miles and an easy 1400-ft. ascent.

The tall peak in the left background is Harrison.

Two Mouth Lakes, Selkirks

 Pyramid and Ball Lakes, Selkirks

Beehive Lake, Selkirks
This shot was taken in the middle of a summer ice storm.

 Engle Lake, Cabinets
From the top of  Engle Peak.

Hunt Lake, Selkirks

 Cedar Lakes, Cabinets
Lower Cedar.

Upper Cedar.

Cliff Lake, Cabinets
Chicago Peak in the background, so named because it resembles a city skyline.
This shot was taken from the top of St. Paul Peak.

 St. Paul Lake, Cabinets
Taken from the flank of St. Paul Peak
From the lake shore.
Heart Lake, Bitterroots

 Sky Lakes, Cabinets

Hanging Valley Lakes, Cabinets
The Hanging Valley lakes are just across a rugged ridge from Sky Lakes.

Rock Lake, Cabinets
When we started this hike on a fall day, it was 45 and raining lightly.  By the time we reached the lake at the end of 4-mile, 2000-ft climb, it was very cold, windy, and snowing heavily.

Almost the same view on a beautiful summer day.  That's St. Paul Pass on the other end of the lake.

On the way up to Rock Lake, one passes through Rock Creek Meadows.

Roman Nose Lakes, Selkirks

Fault Lake, Selkirks

Leigh Lake,  Cabinets
These photos were taken by H when she and her brother climbed up near the top of Snowshoe Peak, which towers above the lake, forming a magnificent 3,000-ft. cliff face.  At just  over 8,700 feet, Snowshoe is the tallest mountain in the Cabinet Range. 

Wanless Lake, Cabinets
From Lost Buck Pass.  Wanless is the largest lake in the Cabinets.

Little Spar Lake, Cabinets

Snowshoe Lakes, Cabinets

Bull Lake, Cabinets

Granite Lake, Cabinets

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